Announcing Streamlit's $21M Series A

Developing new superpowers for the data science community

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Announcing Streamlit's $21M Series A

Developing new superpowers for the data science community.

In 2018, we began building the tools to visualize Python scripts that became Streamlit. By then, Python was the preeminent language of machine learning, bristling with powerful libraries like Keras and OpenCV. Python made it easy to analyze rich datasets and train detailed models. However, our decade of machine learning work at Carnegie Mellon, Google, and Zoox had shown us the difficulty of extending these newfound powers throughout an organization. We wanted to share models and insights with coworkers. We wanted to build custom tools that made machine learning repeatable, shareable, modifiable, and usable throughout an organization. We wanted to show off our work in beautiful apps that let others use what we had created.

Last Fall, after a year of development, we released Streamlit, an open-source framework to turn Python scripts into interactive apps. The response exceeded our greatest expectations. Streamlit has been downloaded over 400,000 times and is now democratizing data-driven decision making across virtually every industry, from tech giants like Google and Uber to Delta Dental, 7–11, and even the NBA! Over 200,000 Streamlit apps have been created, and every day we see the Streamlit community share apps to predict COVID rates, visualize new chemical compounds, analyze music playlists, recommend movies, and much, much more. We are awed, inspired, and delighted daily by the community’s creativity.

Today we are excited to announce a $21 million Series A investment into Streamlit, co-led by GGV Capital and Gradient Ventures, and with participation from Bloomberg Beta, Elad Gil, Daniel Gross, and few other amazing investors.

This investment will enable us to develop new superpowers for the Streamlit community. Our goal is to make Streamlit not only the most productive (and fun!) app-building experience in Python, but also the most powerful. We’ll be introducing new ways to extend apps, including releases for custom layout and programmable state. The investment will also accelerate the development of Streamlit for Teams, our forthcoming paid offering for deploying, securing, and sharing Streamlit apps, that includes a free tier for public Github repos. It’s currently in closed beta, and we’ll be expanding the beta soon! Thank you for your patience, and if you haven’t signed up yet, click here.

Thank you for trying, using, and loving Streamlit. The apps you create, articles you share, and messages you send make us eager to come to work every day and build Streamlit into an even more amazing tool for everyone. We’re excited to start this new chapter with you and to see what we can build together. Let’s start creating! 🎈

Adrien Treuille, Amanda Kelly, and Thiago Teixeira
- Streamlit Co-founders

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