Deploy a private app for free! 🎉

And... get unlimited public apps

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Deploy a private app for free! 🎉

Starting today you can deploy a private app for free with Streamlit Cloud!

Your code stays private and you get auth-baked into the app. Try it out for your company or for any app that you don't want to be public. Head over to our docs to learn more about securing your data and adding private viewers.

While we were working on this, we thought, "Hmm. Why are we giving you only three free public apps? If you're doing great open-source stuff, we want to support you!"

So also starting today...

You can deploy unlimited public apps for free! 🎉

Whether you're a student submitting an assignment with Streamlit, a researcher illustrating your latest research with a Streamlit app, a company showing off your latest open-source data or a model in an app, or just a smart person sharing a cool interactive insight—with Streamlit Cloud you can share all your public apps early, often, and always.

We hope this will help unblock you in the great work that you're doing. Let your creativity flourish! Stop by the forum and let us know what you think and what you're building.

Happy Streamlit-ing! ❤️

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