Our $35 million Series B

We’re excited to announce a new funding round led by Sequoia 🌲

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Our $35 million Series B

We launched Streamlit in 2019 to make app creation as easy as Python scripting. Over the past two years we have obsessed over making this alchemy — from scripts to apps — as fast and joyful as possible. The world has changed so much since we launched, but the importance of sharing data insights has only increased. And while we gave you an open-source app-creating "superpower," it was you all in the community who showed us the true power of data apps.

You've used Streamlit to turn ad-hoc analyses into workflows that supercharge your company. You've turned datasets into data experiences that you share with the world. You've made interactive data apps a cornerstone of your work, bridging understanding between disparate groups and helping everyone make better data-informed decisions. It's been amazing to see top companies and developers create hundreds of thousands of Streamlit apps used by millions of people worldwide.

Today, we're excited to announce a $35 million Series B investment led by Sequoia and backed by our existing investors Gradient Ventures and GGV Capital. The confidence of our investors reflects the rapid growth and vibrance of the amazing Streamlit community, as well as the successful blossoming of our commercial app deployment platform, Streamlit for Teams. We wanted to take this moment to thank all of those who helped get us here, and give a preview of the future.


To the Streamlit community, our app developers, forum posters, open source contributors, Streamlit Creators, and everyone who just filed a bug or shared a cool app: thank you! You all are the essential core of Streamlit success and the wind behind our sails. To Streamlit's employees: it's harder to imagine a more fun group of people to see every day, even if only in little postage stamp windows across video calls. You are an incredible source of energy and ideas which make it exciting to work at Streamlit every day. And to all of our loved ones and the families of everyone involved with building Streamlit, thank you for putting up with us when we've worked late nights and weekends. It would be impossible to do this without your understanding of our weird company-building obsession.

Stay tuned! This past year has been huge, with our components framework, customizable layout, Streamlit sharing, custom theming, and a host of other new features. The coming year will be even bigger, with more app features, programmable state, speed improvements, multipage apps, and tons of enterprise security features. Please continue to reach out with more great apps, articles, ideas, components, bugs, feature requests, code snippets, and words of encouragement! We wouldn't be here today without each one of you.🎈

🚀Adrien Treuille, Amanda Kelly, and Thiago Teixeira - Streamlit Co-founders

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