☁️ Introducing Streamlit Cloud! ☁️

Streamlit is the most powerful way to write apps. Streamlit Cloud is the fastest way to share them.

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☁️ Introducing Streamlit Cloud! ☁️

Data science is in a logjam.

Once upon a time, data flowed smoothly into well-structured tables. Now it's a turbulent mix of image labels, natural language data, API endpoints, neural networks, and other models.

In parallel, business demands have become more complex. Users don't just want the graphs of the past. They want the models of the future. They don't just want summary dashboards. They want to go beyond dashboards.

They want rich data apps.

Data apps go beyond dashboards to capture a variety of next-generation data sources and analytic abilities.

Caught between the rising data complexity and the deeper analytical needs, data teams searched for new tools. But nothing let them quickly build and iterate on the next-generation data products they envisioned.

Then in 2019, we released a solution—a new way to make polished, flexible, and powerful data apps in just a few lines of Python...


Your response surged beyond our wildest expectations. You unleashed a torrent of dazzling Streamlit apps. You explained, analyzed, and modeled everything from real estate to black holes. You brought it to work. You used Streamlit to label ad videos, track dbt jobs, visualize object detection output, and explore vast quantities of geographic data.

In fact, you spread Streamlit so widely that Streamlit is now actively deployed at over half the Fortune 50!

With all this app-building, you surfaced new needs. Building great apps was only half the logjam. You also needed to share those apps, get them into the hands of your users, gather feedback, iterate, and create new ideas.

Doing that inside a company wasn't easy. It involved more skillsets, more meetings, more coordination. It slowed down your development pace.

The current process in companies to create and deploy data apps takes months and multiple teams.

So for the past two years, we've been building a new product. We hardened it in the community and beta-tested it in hundreds of organizations—from small AI startups to public multinational companies.

Today, we want to share this new superpower with every company in the world…

☁️ Introducing Streamlit Cloud! ☁️


Streamlit Cloud is a data workspace for your company.

When you work on an app in Streamlit Cloud—be it a new model, data analysis, or idea—you're just a few clicks away from securely sharing it and collaborating on it with your team.

1. Build and deploy apps in minutes

Build your Streamlit apps the way you've always built them! Download the open-source library, use your favorite IDE, and take advantage of Streamlit's run-on-save rapid development flow. Done building? Use Streamlit Cloud to watch your app go live across the company.

Streamlit Cloud handles all the IT, DevOps, and security for you—Python dependencies, Unix package management, container orchestration, server provisioning, scaling, data security, and more—so you can get back to your data work!

2. Securely share apps

Once your app is deployed, you can securely share it with your whole company. Send it to just one person. Or send it to teammates, customers, and other business units so they can start using it right away.

Streamlit Cloud works with your preferred SSO provider. Easily lock down your app so only certain people can see it.

3. Rapidly iterate

Your app is shared! Now you can quickly iterate on it. Streamlit Cloud continuously deploys your app from GitHub, giving you the power of modern version-controlled code development.

Like a teammate's app? Fork it and launch your own! Want to test out a new version of a production app? Branch it and deploy a dev app. Prefer an earlier version? Check the version history and roll it back. Received a user request? Make the change and watch the app automatically update.

All of this makes for an incredibly rapid prototype-to-production cycle for your whole team.

Try it out

Streamlit Cloud moves you beyond the dashboard and into a new world of bespoke, predictive tooling where your company can run "at the speed of data science." We've watched companies go from having a handful of slow, poorly maintained tools to launching thousands of apps a year. It completely transformed how they work with data.

Today we're opening up Streamlit Cloud to all companies, and we hope you try it out.

A HUGE thank you to our community and beta testers for inspiring us every day. This wouldn't be possible without you and your candid feedback, comments, and words of encouragement.

We can't wait to hear what you build next! 🎈

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