Monthly rewind > February 2022

Your February look-back at new features and great community content

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Monthly rewind > February 2022

🏆 App of the month 🏆

Our February featured app of the month is... 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

Streamlit with AssemblyAI by Ahmed Besbes!

This app uses AssemblyAI to transcribe YouTube videos and extract topics from them. It breaks the video into portions and highlights the detected topics from each. [code]

Streamlit February updates

Let's take a look at all that happened in February.

🔍 Current release: 1.7.0

The latest release is 1.7.0. Recent updates include WebSocket compression being disabled by default, and radio and checkboxes improving focus on keyboard navigation. Be sure to check out the changelog to learn more about all of the latest features and fixes.

🔮 Upcoming

Below are some upcoming features to get excited about:

  • App viewers data
  • Email alert when app is over the resource limits
  • Multipage apps

Check out our roadmap app to get a bigger scope of what else we're working on. 🥳

📺 Streamlit and Pinecone Webinar



Here are some great apps and tutorials by the Streamlit community. Check out the Streamlit forum for even more community content.

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